What is SUPER-X

More Powerful Inputs Equal Faster Charging Speed

UNU Super-X allows featuring battery packs or battery cases to collect energy at record speeds –up to 8X faster than conventional recharging methods. To achieve such charging speeds, Super-X deploys a much stronger charging input, rated at 31.25W.


Battery Material

After hundreds of hours of testing, we came up with a special type of A+ lithium polymer battery with proprietary additives to be part of Super-X. This polymer battery cell can quickly dissipate the cumulated heat while it simultaneously withstands the high-input charging current.


IC Controlled Parallel Recharging Process

Another part of Super-X is the internal management of the charging process itself. Traditional charging methods serialize all battery cells and charge them one at a time. Super-X charges several battery cells in a parallel sequence, utilizing the highest power possible. An IC chip is deployed to monitor the charging process of multiple cells simultaneously to ensure safe heat levels.


Understand the charging

The fastest way to replenish a battery pack equipped with Super-X is to charge up to approximately a 70% charged capacity; this ensures the quickest charging time in the shortest amount of time. Charging the final 30% takes approximately the same amount of time as the first 70% due to a necessary decrease in charging current to help top-off the battery cells. It's somewhat like turning down a faucet in order to fill a glass of water to the top without spilling. That is why Ultrapak Go collects 2000mAh (~70%) in 15 minutes, but takes 30 minutes to reach 3000mAh (100%).


6 Layer Safety Protection