What is Aero Wireless Charging?

The uNu Aero Wireless Battery Cases use a conductive charging design which allows components of the internal battery to directly connect to a power source without the need for additional charging components (such as charging coils). The benefit of using this technology is that it reduces size and weight as well as increases charging efficiency.

How Aero Wireless Charging Works:
The Aero Wireless Charging System works by completing the charging "circuit" between the two contacts on the back of the battery case and the charging pad (power source). This type of contact-charging design eliminates the need for a direct cable-to-case power source and standardizes the charging experience across both the Apple and Samsung platforms.

Why Aero Wireless Charging is Better:
Simply put, because it makes life easier. The wireless charging experience means no additional cables, just simply place the case on the charging mat and let the charging begin. When you need to leave just grab-and-go. Also, Aero Charging allows Samsung Galaxy S4 users and iPhone 5/5S users use the same charging mat, complete user compatibility. The Aero is also fully expandable, grab as many charging pads as you need; put them in your office, car, and home.