What is Aero?


What is Aero Wireless Charging?

Aero Wireless is the next step in convenient charging. With the use of specially designed charging pads, now all you have to do is place the battery case onthe mat and charge.No more searching for a cable to plug in, no more fighting over a single cable to power multiple devices. The Aero will truly change the way you charge.


Using the Two Contacts on the Back of the Aero, the Aero can directly charge from the Aero Charging Mat Without the use of a Cable

How it Works:

The Each Aero Battery Case is equipped with specialized charging contacts on the back of the case which transmit power directly from the USB-powered charging mat without the need for a cable.



Why is Aero Better?

There are several reasons why Aero is better. First off, Aero makes charging more CONVENIENT. Simply place the battery case on a charging pad, no searching for cables underneath a desk or behind a couch. Secondly, Aero charging works with both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5/5S! Use the SAME pad to charge BOTH products. Third, Aero is expandable. Bring a pad to work, leave one in the car, the pad's can work wherever there is a compatible power source!


Same Charging Speeds

One great thing about the AERO is that it provides the same rate of charging as conventional charging systems. No loss of time to enjoy charging in a whole new way.


The Battery Power of Aero



Aero-space Engineering

The protective frame of the case provides a sturdy defense against the accidents of everyday life. With enforced corners, sturdy backing and a raised-edge lip to protect the screen, the Aero is ready for the unexpected.


Think You're Ready to Expand Your Charging Horizons?

The Aero is ready and waiting for you to change the way you do charging. Make sure to pick up an extra mat on the way so you can get charging in more places. Enjoy!