Thank you for your interest in the uNu U-TRY Reviewer Program.

U-TRY Program is designed to engage us with users, to hear your thoughts and to learn how we can do better for our products. U-TRY members can sign up to receive uNu's sample products at a discounted price and give us unbiased opinion on our products' design and quality.

U-TRY members are responsible for providing helpful and constructive feedback regarding our products and services as well as sharing your feedback publically on your online profiles (such as Amazon.com). When you share your opinion for the reference of other customers, make sure to state "I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review".

We here at uNu is committed to provide constant improvement on our products. We want to hear from you! Sign up and try our products, share your experience and help us get things right!

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