Here at uNu we don’t just follow science, we perfect it. Welcome to uNuology, where power isn’t limited by the battery you carry. With our new cutting-edge technologies we keep you connected to what’s important. Using our scientific method we have created the essence of quality, reliability and design.

What is uNuology?

Quality: Our quality is what sets us apart. We only use the highest quality materials and designs when developing our products. It is these high standards that promote a sense of confidence for all of our valued customers when using our products. Our expectations are uncompromising and continually practiced so we can bring you the finest in mobile electronic accessories.

Reliability: At uNu, we are passionate about mobile electronics and believe in providing only the finest in reliable mobile electronic accessories. We do our absolute best to create products that will last through thick and thin by developing durable designs using quality materials. Many of our products including the EXERA and DX series are proudly certified “made for iPhone” and are rigorously tested to ensure that uNu is your most reliable power source

Design: We believe that design should not only be beautiful but functional as well. That’s why we have designed all of our products to be user-friendly and physically appealing. So far, we have designed and developed, fully-customizable battery packs, colorful battery cases, and ultra-powerful external battery packs and the list continues to grow. Our designs are so popular we recently were honored with the CES 2013 Design and Engineering Showcase Award.

More About Us

             uNu Electronics Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of mobile-electronic accessories. uNu’s unwavering belief in creating innovative designs, delivering reliable products, and providing exceptional customer service have made us one of the biggest leaders in mobile accessories. Based in Union City, CA with international production facilities, uNu caters to clients on a global scale.

             At uNu we are passionate about our products and the people who use them, that's why we make every effort to create and provide superior products with innovative solutions. Using our founding three principles of uNuology, we focus on products that emphasize innovative designs, quality products, and offer reliable consumer solutions. Winners of the 2013 CES Design and Engineering Award, uNu is a proven source for reliable and innovative products. With 100% customer satisfaction always on our minds, we rigorously test every product to ensure that uNu is your most reliable power source.