uNu Unity Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Case [Black/Black] - External Slim Protective Battery Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatibles with All Models Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500

The Unity is an ultra-slim 2600mAh battery case which can more than double the power of the Samsung Galaxy SIV
  • Unity Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy SIV

Unity Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy SIV


Bring Unity to
Your Samsung Galaxy SIV

The Unity battery case is able to double the Galaxy's battery life, increase charging efficiency and maintain an ultra-slim profile by using an innovative stacking design which promotes seamless battery integration, 100% conversion rates, and a slimmer looking battery case. Charging your Samsung Galaxy S4 unites technology and design in an innovative and beautiful way.

Seamless Integration

The Unity is the perfect blend of battery case and phone. With the Unity, current battery levels can be checked through the phones own on-screen battery indicator. Also, the Unity features an additional NFC antenna to enhance wireless communications and sync-through capabilities meaning you never have to remove the case to sync or charge.


360° of Ultra Portable Protection

If you're holding a Galaxy in your hand, it's probably best not to drop it. But, if you do, we got you covered. The Unity features a protective hard shell which can protect against the bumps, jolts, and dings that any Galaxy is sure to run into.By redesigning the way you charge your Samsung SIV, the Unity has been able to stay slim, light, and easy to hold in your hand. The unique battery placement of the case is specifically made to make holding the SIV easy as ever.



Bringing Colors to the S4

One of the best new features of the Unity is its color options. Available in 7 vibrant colors, the Unity is the perfect color accessory for your Samsung Galaxy SIV. Pick the color that suits you and your ready to show off your Galaxy SIV in a whole new way.


Double Your Galaxy's Power

The Unity supplies power through S4's internal battery slot. It adds another full-sized battery (2600mAh) to your Samsung Galaxy SIV wtih a 100% conversion efficiency (traditional battery cases can only perform a 70% conversion), meaning 2X's more talking, texting, and web-browsing. The Unity provides enough power to get you through the day and more!



The Physics of
Battery Stacking

By "stacking" the internal Samsung battery with the Unity's own battery, there is no longer a divide between battery case and phone. In essence, two batteries become one. When this happens, charging efficiency increases, the battery case becomes slimmer, and your Samsung SIV gets the extra power it needs.


A Case Built to Last

We use only the finest designs, materials, and people when creating our batteries to ensure 100% reliability from anything we produce. That's why we gladly offer a 1 year warranty on all of our Enerpaks to ensure our products stand up to the tests our customer put them to.


Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
Life Cycles: >500 Cycles
Input: 5V/0.5A
Output: 5V/1A
Dimensions: xx inches
Weight: oz
Charging Time 3-4 hours

Box Content

1 x Unity Protective Case with NFC built-in
1 x Unity Stacking Battery
1 x uNu Micro USB to Standard USB Cable
1 x Operation Manual