uNu DX Plus Extended Battery Case for iPhone 4 4S

uNu DX PLUS is designed to provide more than double the battery life to iPhone 4/4S and 2X fast charging speed for heavy iPhone users.

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uNu DX Plus Extended Battery Case for iPhone 4 4S

Designed to be more than just a battery case the DX Plus features unbridled power wrapped within a refined frame. This dynamically effective iPhone 4/4S battery case brings efficiency to a whole new level. The ergonomic yet sleek style allows the DX Plus to comfortably protect while still emanating the iPhones original design. Featuring a 2400mAh battery cell which provides 40% more power capacity, plus the ability to charge at double the speed, plus the ability to charge and sync the iPhone 4/4S through the case, ensures that the DX Plus is ideal for high-end consumers, business professionals, and travelers.

Immense Battery Life

The included 2400mAh battery cell produces an enormous 310 hours of standby time and adds an additional 140% battery life to the iPhone 4/4S! The DX Plus battery also provides, 43 hours of music playback, 8 hours of web-browsing, and 10 hours of talk time.

Certified Reliability

Like every product designed by uNu, each product is extensively tested and quality tested to ensure 100% satisfaction. The “Made for iPhone” certification awarded to the DX Plus assures that this product is made to last.

Business Grade

Phones today are not only communication devices but extensive and sophisticated tools. The DX Plus was made to facilitate high-end users, including business professionals. The extended battery, the slim design, and double charging speed are made to keep users moving.

Technologically Advanced

The DX Plus was designed to match the demands of today’s iPhone users. With the ability to sync and charge through the battery case, double the speed of re-charging, and add more than double the battery life the DX Plus battery case for iPhone 4/4s is the new standard in battery powered technology. 

Designed to Impress

Knowing that many iPhone enthusiasts enjoy the light-weight and functional design of the iPhone, we at uNu created the DX Plus to emanate the iPhones form. By adding a slim backing, ergonomic feel and applying precise details to ensure full functionality, uNu has enhanced protection and more than doubled power without sacrificing style.

Features Highlights:
- Apple Certified 30-Pin Connector
- Built-in Battery + Protective Case + Signal Problem Fix
- Fully Support Charge and Sync with Case On
- Smart Switch, Gain more control over charging to enhance Safety
- Accurate LED power indicator, flashing when battery runs low
- Perfectly design, offer a full protection only for iPhone 4
- Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
- Standby Time: > 280 Hours
- Call Time: > 7 Hours (3G) / 13 Hours (2G)
- Browsing Time: > 7 Hours (3G) / 9 Hours (WiFi)
- Music Time: > 32 Hours
- Video Time: > 10 Hours

Material Lithium Polymer
Capacity 2400mAh
Dimension 120x62x18 (mm)
Charging Time 3-4 hours
Life Cycles 500 Cycles

Item Content:
1 x Micro USB charging Cord
1 x Elegant uNu retail package
1 x Micro Fiber screen cleaning cloth
1 x Matte Black battery case for iPhone 4 4S with Silver Bezel
1 x Transparent Screen protector for iPhone 4 4S

Customer Reviews

Added battery life
posted by Letisha on 2/18/13
Normal usage on my phone would cause me having to recharge the phone twice a day. Here is my first experience with the unu dx plus.

Sat feb 16 battery was at 3% connected to unu for the first time and charged fully. The unu charges the phone to 100% first then will charge the unu to 100%. Left connected to charger overnight.

sun morning feb 17 at 515am removed from charger. Mainly use the phone for text, emails, browser, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, games, Bluetooth music streaming in car and iBooks reading I also leave bluetooth on for syncing with my fitbit. wifi sometimes is left on when not in use but usually turn off. Got home at around 4pm phone showing 17% turned on unu to re-charge. Within 1 1/2 hrs minimal usage during charging battery at 100%. Checked unu battery indicated only 3 of 4 bars used. Used the phone the rest of the evening to 9pm and was At 67%.

monday Feb 18th 330am battery still at 67%. Used my phone as normal per above examples by 10am was At 11% turned on unu to recharge 2nd time after 36mins phone is at 42% but the unu is flashing low power and charging stopped on it's own.

considering before the unu i had to charge the phone atleast twice a day this is definitely a step up. I bought through groupon on special for $39.99+tax.

posted by Hin on 1/11/13
Full fill reqirement
posted by Shadow_ink on 1/10/13
Good case, well built , battery last for a good amount of time.
Great product
posted by Captclay on 12/26/12
The UNU DX was given to me as a gift. Wow, what a product. It expands my battery life by two days, and I use my phone for business and personal use a lot. I was having to charge my phone minimum once a day. Now it lasts three days.
Overall: Excellent
posted by Mike on 12/25/12
First, the overall build and functional quality are top notch. So much so, that I won't buy another case for my iPhone 5 until they release the Exera or DX models for it.
The DX+ makes your iPhone 4/4S noticeably larger and heavier. But, there's no other way to pack this much energy into a phone case. The case itself fits well and is very functional as a protective case. I used my phone as a hotspot all day long and didn't have to worry about draining the battery. It, at least, doubles the battery life.
I liked the larger size of the phone itself with this case. It gives you something to hold on to - good for bigger male hands. Perhaps the DX or Exera would suit more people, being smaller and lighter.
Again, I found the case to be excellent in every reviewable category. Probably the only drawback is that its not comfortable to carry in your shirt pocket. I am starting to get very angry that they haven't released the integral battery cases for the iPhone 5. Please hurry!
Useful Battery!
posted by Xijote on 12/22/12
I wanted to order an extended battery for my i phone 4S since it always runs out of juice when I needed the most. I checked several options, but I decided to give it a try when I discovered the Unu 2400 mAh battery-case pak. Not only charges my phone in no time when the phone's own battery is dead but you have power left for another charge!!
I know it's a bit bulky than the other model they have but to me it's very much worthy if you are all day talking to customers. It protected by phone when I mistakenly dropped by phone on hard wood floor.
Wouldn't go without it!
posted by Matt on 12/22/12
I absolutely love this case. It usually gives me about 130% charge and it is absolutely fantastic for those times when you are not at the house. It enables me to fully drain my iPhone battery (which is my usual practice) even when I am not at home knowing that all I have to do is press the button and I am fully charged up in no time. The only downside is the weight and size (which really doesn't bother me) and that when both the iPhone and case are drained, they take like 6-8 hours to fully charge up together. The iPhone itself charges rapidly, but the case does not. All-in-all, I love this product and its sleek design. I get compliments on it all the time. Thanks!
Great case
posted by Big Al on 12/19/12
I purchase this case on sale from the Woot.com site. It is wonderful, well made, provides great overall iPhone protection and keeps me using my phone longer. I wish I had another one for my other phone, but I'm cheap, I want it on sale.
Excellent battery backup case
posted by Radicalrex1 on 12/10/12
I have had the dx plus for about 3 weeks and it is really awesome! I haven't had to plug in my phone for a week at a time! The case is really sleek and feels great in my hand. The only minor issue is the added weight but its not bad at all. I have the Lifproof case but this gives me more flexibility. If only this could be made waterproof it would rock the industry.
Big battery/Heavy Case!!
posted by lginfl on 11/26/12
So far this works pretty good. My iPhone eats up the battery in no time at all. Glad I got this but I wish it was a lot lighter! Also, you can't use the 30 pin to charge it unless you take it out of the case. And you have to manually turn off the battery/case after charging. Hopefully there aren't any hidden problems this may cause the iPhone battery.
So far so good!
posted by PF on 11/16/12
Bought this product on WOOT last week and it's been really helpful with the battery drain increase from iOS6. Now, I can get through the whole day without a charge...very convenient! Thanks...

Media Reviews

iPhone Life Review Dx Plus




"It's nice to see an option for those of us who need more power than the stock iPhone can offer."





Macmixing Review for DX Plus iPhone 4

    "The Dx Plus Protective Battery Case from UNU is definitely a must have to keep your iPhone 4S/4 protected" 






1. Does this case work for the iPhone 4s as well as the iPhone 4?

A: Yes, this case works with both the iPhone 4s as well as the iPhone 4.


2. Can I replace the top piece of the case if it is lost or broken?

A: Yes, additional parts can be purchased on our website in the add-on section.


3. How much battery life can this case provide?

A: The DX Plus has a battery capacity of 2400mAh which approximately yields another 100% - 140% power to battery life.


4. How do I turn the case ON and OFF?

A: The DX Plus uses an ON/OFF button which is located on the back of the case next to the LED battery life indicator display. Simply PRESS and Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn the case ON or OFF.


5. What are the four LED lights on the back of the case for?

A: The four LED lights show how much battery power is left in the case. Simply, PRESS the button next to the LED display once and the LED’s will light up corresponding to how much power is left in the case. 4 lights =100% - 75%, 3 lights = about 75% - 50%, 2 lights = about 50% - 25%, and 1 light = about 25% - 0%.


6. My DX Plus battery case doesn’t charge my phone fully as advertised?

A: Due to high consumption of the battery life, especially for iPhone 4s, our cases might only be able to charge up to 90% of the battery. The age of the battery is also another factor which might cause the battery case not to be able to charge the phone fully to 100%, this is a common occurrence among heavy usage consumers. Please refer to our blog for tips on maintenance and preventive care to ensure you’re getting the most out of your case.


7. What is the best way to get the most out of my battery case?

A: Some helpful tips include: Fully charging the case by itself overnight before using the product for the first time, turning on the case only after the internal battery of the iPhone gets low and keeping the battery case out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery case click here.


8. Has uNu designed their iPhone 4 battery cases, iPhone 3 battery cases or even iPhone 5 battery cases to allow charging and syncing through the case itself?

A: All uNu iPhone battery cases are designed to allowing charging and syncing through the case. Simply, plug one end of the included micro-USB cable to the phone case and the other to a computer USB port.


9. Does the DX Plus affect the iPhone’s camera, phone signal or speakers?

A: The DX Plus is designed to work with all the original features of the iPhone.


10. I need more help with my case!

A: If you do not see the answer you are looking for here. We also have a general FAQ section which might help answer your question, or you can go to our technical support page to ask a specific question.