uNu DX Protective Battery Case For iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

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uNu DX Protective Battery Case For iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S



Our Amazon's best-selling battery case for iPhone 4/4s, the DX battery case boasts a thickness of just 17mm, while also effectively doubling battery life. This technically advanced case also halves the time needed to re-charge the battery.  It even allows users to sync-and-charge while the case is still attached to the iPhone. Also, made for complete protection, the DX exhibits an ergonomic hand-held fit, an anti-slip coating, and a comprehensive casing to ensure peace-of-mind.

Size is Everything

 Highlighted by its lightweight, ultra slim design, the DX case measures an impressive depth of just 17mm. The sleek protective case is made to fit snuggly and enhance the iPhone 4/4s natural look while still producing astonishing power and functional design.

 Extended Battery Life

 Equipped with a 1700mAh battery cell the DX almost doubles the life of an iPhone 4/4s. The additional power yields six hours of talk-time, 30 hours of music playback, and a hefty 240 hours of standby time.

 "Made For iPhone”

 Awarded the prestigious “Made for iPhone” certification, the DX has gone through extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure reliability. In fact the DX has been proven to give quality power even after 500 full recharging cycles!

 Technically Advanced

 Made with state-of-the-art technology, the DX exhibits a battery which almost doubles the lifetime of the iPhone, allows users to sync and charge with the case equipped, and view current battery levels via the LED battery level indicator.

 Form and Function

 We designed the DX to not only be stylish but effective. It enhances the natural acoustics of the phone while providing an unobtrusive shield of complete protection. The ultra-slim case makes it ideal for on-the-go users, and an invisible charging switch allows the user to decide then an extra power boost is needed.

Material Lithium Polymer
Capacity 1700mAh
Dimension 120x62x17 (mm)
Charging Time 3-4 hours
Life Cycles 500 Cycles

Item Content:
1 x Micro USB charging Cord
1 x Elegant uNu retail package + Hard Shell Carrying Box
1 x Micro Fiber screen cleaning cloth
1 x Glossy white battery case for iPhone 4
1 x Transparent Screen protector for iPhone 4

Customer Reviews

Not built to last, ruins camera flash
posted by Kx on 10/24/13
I got this for a good price on Woot. Within 9 months I have dropped it once. Now this case is supposed to protect the phone. It doesn't. Dropping my phone in this case resulted in (1) damage to the exterior of the case, (2) the case coming apart upon impact, and (3) the phone flew out. So, not a great job of protecting my phone.

The battery in the case only charges my phone to about 70%. That's when the phone is on, but not in use, so I can't say that the phone was eating up power continuously so much that it took off 30% of the total power. So it's not "double" the battery, it's 1.5-1.7x the battery.

The case was obviously never tested. They put a hole in it for the camera but they didn't bother to realize that the hole reflects the flash back at the camera and ruins flash photography. Absolutely lazy, half-baked design.

But anyway, I dropped it a few months after I bought it. It lasted seven months after that. Now, ten months later, the battery will not charge my phone, nor will it charge itself when plugged in. The device is dead. This is a huge waste.

I recommend you buy a better case from some other company and get a separate battery pack from uNu (or some other company).
mixed feelings
posted by tamla on 1/31/13
I love the extended life this case gives my phone but it is not perfect. I use my phone for work and it is so nice to never worry about battery life anymore. I have found if I do not charge it one night, it usually lasts 2 days before the case and phone battery life drains out. But as I said, it is not perfect. The top piece of my UnU DX case has already broken after only 1 month of use, and not due to being dropped. The top piece is made of a lighter plastic than the bottom piece and comes apart so that the phone can be taken in and out. When the phone is in and the top is on, my top and bottom pieces did not line up very well. This resulted in a slight gap which was enough apparently for a piece of the plastic to break off. I have contacted the company and am expecting replacement as I am told it is warrentied, so hopefully the next will be better. Also, I got a white case, and if you ever take pictures with a flash, I do NOT recommend the white case. The light from the flash bounces off the white edges surrounding the camera and it results in everything looking like it is a thick white fog. I now I have to either take pics without the flash or remove the cover before taking flash pictures. I cannot speak to the black case if it is any better but assure you that the white case has this issue. Wish I could post an example of it here for you to see. So get a black case and make sure your pieces fit snugly to minimize risk of breakage and then enjoy the extended battery life.
Great product
posted by YellowZx5 on 1/26/13
This is just an amazing case. Got the leather holster which was exactly what I wanted.

The oh reason why I gave a 4/5 on quality is because I have the white iPhone and when I take a picture with the flash, it makes the picture look like it has a white fog.
Excellent product and Great value
posted by Tom Fulare on 1/19/13
Shipped quickly. Works great.
posted by Guy ruff on 12/27/12
Watched Netflix 8 hrs no problem.
posted by James R on 11/19/12
The price of the item is fairly average but what it costs is worth it. I've had my case for about a week now and conveniently it came on a day where having a charging case came in handy. I didn't get my case from Unu directly, I got it from Woot and they had a special so this case only cost me 25.00 USD. It takes quite some time to charge it completely but so far I've gotten a 50% charge out of it. So even if you did purchase this item at normal price its still worth it! The quality of the plastic used for this case is excellent and high quality. I have the Glossy white and its sleep and smooth and it is bulky but still fits comfortably in the hand.
AmaIng value for an exelen quality product
posted by YaelTat2s on 11/3/12
I work all day and in many times with my phone when im on the street,when i go out of battery this case save my day with almost 6 hours full of charge until i can go to my shop and turn it off and connect the iphone wall charger, i recomend this amazing charger to anyone.

Media Reviews

ecoustics Review of DX4 for iPhone 4 "I've had my new uNu Power DX1700B for almost two weeks now and it is awesome."

macmixing review for DX4 "Overall this is a great case and especially useful for anyone in need of longer talk time."

Wall Street Journal Market Watch Review DX4 "It’s a nifty device that protects your iPhone from damage and recharges a dead battery"

1. Does this case work for the iPhone 4s as well as the iPhone 4?

A: Yes, this case works with both the iPhone 4s as well as the iPhone 4.


2. Can I replace the top piece of the case if it is lost or broken?

A: Yes, additional parts can be purchased on our website in the add-on section.


3. How much battery life can this case provide?

A: The DX has a battery capacity of 1700mAh which approximately yields another 100% power to battery power.


4. How do I turn the case ON and OFF?

A: The DX uses an ON/OFF button which is located on the back of the case next to the LED battery life indicator display. Simply PRESS and Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn the case ON or OFF.


5. What are the four LED lights on the back of the case for?

A: The four LED lights show how much battery power is left in the case. Simply, PRESS the button next to the LED display once and the LED’s will light up corresponding to how much power is left in the case. 4 lights =100% - 75%, 3 lights = about 75% - 50%, 2 lights = about 50% - 25%, and 1 light = about 25% - 0%.


6. My DX battery case doesn’t charge my phone fully as advertised?

A: Due to high consumption of the battery life, especially for iPhone 4s, our cases might only be able to charge up to 90% of the battery. The age of the battery is also another factor which might cause the battery case not to be able to charge the phone fully to 100%, this is a common occurrence among heavy usage consumers. We recommend the DX Plus Battery Case, for heavy users. Also, please refer to our blog for tips on maintenance and preventive care to ensure you’re getting the most out of your case.


7. What is the best way to get the most out of my battery case?

A: Some helpful tips include: Fully charging the case by itself overnight before using the product for the first time, turning on the case only after the internal battery of the iPhone gets low and keeping the battery case out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery case click here.


8. Has uNu designed their iPhone 4 battery cases, iPhone 3 battery cases or even iPhone 5 battery cases to allow charging and syncing through the case itself?

A: All uNu iPhone battery cases are designed to allowing charging and syncing through the case. Simply, plug one end of the included micro-USB cable to the phone case and the other to a computer USB port.


9. Does the DX affect the iPhone’s camera, phone signal or speakers?

A: The DX is designed to work with all the original features of the iPhone.


10. I need more help with my case!

A: If you do not see the answer you are looking for here. We also have a general FAQ section which might help answer your question, or you can go to our technical support page to ask a specific question.