uNu Exera iPhone 4S Battery Review by ioTechie.com

Exera iPhone 4s battery case Review

Exera iPhone 4s battery case Review

“Need extra battery power for your iPhone 4S and 4? Choose uNu!”

ioTechie is a place where people would gather around and talk about the latest news for all kinds of gadget. As for the iPhone 4/4S battery case, they have made several comparisons with other existing brands with our Exera Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S and came up with the following points:

- Variety of Colors
- Well crafted Design
- Charges battery very quick
- Not too bulky like other Battery Cases
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DX PLUS BATTERY CASE – “for all day iPhone usage” by iPhonelife.com


 As every body knows, editors of media sites are events goer, iphone lovers, and internet surfers.

Todd, the editor from iPhonelife.com, like our DX plus battery case very much because

1. He could be go around any event the entire day, still have 100% power level on his phone and remaining power in the case.

2. DX plus battery case for iPhone is a must have for the event because : “if you can find an outlet, it’s probably taken by some other power hungry gadget.”

Finally he claimed that It’s nice to see an option for those of us who need much more power than the stock iPhone can offer.

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