Exera Duo Charging Dock

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Exera Duo Charging Dock

The Real Cordless
Charging Kit

Coupled with the EXERA CASE, this patent pending dual charging dock combo kit provides user the convenience to swap the drained the battery inside the EXERA Power Case with the fully charged one on the dock. No one would want to tie the phone to a corded charger after trying out this innovative charging kit.

Dock & Charge - Grab & Go

The most innovative part of this dock is the self-balanced docking mechanism which makes the experience of "dock battery to charge", "grab battery to go" like a breeze. User will never needs to struggle with a tight slot, unfit charger, or a charger cannot sit by itself. Charge the battery only requires a simple dipping of the battery inside the slot.

Unbeatable 300% Juice

Each EXERA battery module features 1700mAh capacity which can effectively recharge the iPhone 4/4S by 100%. You will receive 2 of these batteries when you purchase this charging add-on. Maximize the power of two battery and the iPhone, you could be connected with your friend, family and co-worker for 300% of what you used to achieve, which is just an unbeatable experience.

All-in-one charging hub

Two batteries, one Exera case, and one iPhone: there are quite a lot to charge!

Don't worry, featuring a standard 2.0 USB output port, the duo charging dock can serves a charging hub that connect 2 batteries, exera case, and iPhone all in one place and fully charge up all of them in one night.

Additional Battery Life (with 2 Batteries)

Tech Specifications

Voltage: 3.7V

Battery Capacity: 1700mAh Life Span: >500 Cycles

Material: Lithuim Polymer Cell

Material: ABS Plastic

Input: 5V / 1A

Output: 5V / 1A (USB), 5V/0.5A (Slot 1), 5V/0.5A (Slot 2)

Box Content


2 X 1700mAh Battery Module (For Exera Battery Case)

1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable