uNu DX Protective Camera Flash Battery Case For iPhone 3G 3GS

The UNU DX series case is the most innovative accessory for iPhone 3G/3Gs. While doubling the usage time of your iPhone, it provides the maximum protection and camera flash function.

uNu DX Protective Camera Flash Battery Case For iPhone 3G 3GS

The uNu DX Series for iPhone 3G/3Gs is the most comprehensive battery case in the industry. Made with a 1300mAh battery capacity the DX provides almost double the battery life for the iPhone; allowing an additional 8 hours talk-time. The additional Camera Flash option controlled via the LED button allows users to be able to take pictures in low-light scenarios. Complete with a matte-black, anti-slippery finish and complete 360° protection the DX offers peace-of-mind for every iPhone 3 user.

Doubles Battery Life

Made to maximize productivity, the DX almost doubles battery life of the iPhone 3G/3Gs. The 1300mAh battery allows users 8 hours of talk-time, 19 hours of music playback, 7 hours of web-browsing, and a huge 240 hours of stand-by time.

Adding Some Flash

The DX was made to brighten every users iPhone 3 experience, literally. The added camera flash controlled via the LED button allows users to be able to take flash photos in even the darkest of places. Using uNu’s innovative design, iPhone 3, photo enthusiasts can now venture into unexplored avenues of creativity.

Form and Function

The DX is made to be the most comprehensive case in the industry. Defined by its matte-black anti-slip finish the DX is a virtual shield protecting the iPhone in a complete 360° enclosure. Also, the ergonomic, hand-held fit makes the DX easy to handle.

Technologically Advanced

The DX is packed full of innovative technology. Some of the innovations include an additional camera flash allowing low-light photos, an LED battery power indicator built into the case to monitor battery life, patented re-directed acoustic design to amplify sound, and the ability to charge and sync directly through the case via the included cable, are what make the DX an industry leader.

Certified Reliability

The DX for iPhone 3G/3Gs is certified “Made for iPhone”. This prestigious certification is only awarded once the product has gone through extensive laboratory testing to ensure optimal quality and reliability. At uNu we only make the highest quality of products and are proud to me “Made for iPhone” certified.

1. Does this case work for the iPhone 3GS as well as the 3G?

A: Yes, this case works with both the iPhone 3GS as well as the 3G?


2. Can I replace the top piece of the case if it is lost or broken?

A: Yes, additional parts can be purchased on our website in the add-on section.


3. How much battery life can this case provide?

A: The DX-3 has a battery capacity of 1300mAh which approximately yields another 80% - 100% power to the battery.


4. How do I turn the case ON and OFF?

A: The DX-3 uses an ON/OFF sliding button which is located on the bottom of the case.


 5. How do I use the camera flash option?

A: To use the camera flash on the DX-3 case PRESS and HOLD the button located next to the "UNU" LED display lights on the back of the case for three seconds to turn the flash-light on. This will produce a continuous light source. To turn OFF the flash-light, simply PRESS and HOLD the same button for three more seconds. 


 6. What are the three LED "UNU" lights on the back of the case for?

A: The three LED lights show how much battery power is left in the case. Simply, PRESS the button next to the LED display once and the LED’s will light up corresponding to how much power is left in the case. 3 lights = 100% - 80%, 2 lights = 79% - 30%, and 1 light = 29% - 0%. 


7. My DX battery case doesn’t charge my phone fully as advertised?

A: Due to high consumption of the battery life and user preferences, our cases might only be able to charge up to 80% of the battery. The age of the battery is also another factor which might cause the battery case not to be able to charge the phone fully to 100%, this is a common occurrence among heavy usage consumers. Please refer to our blog for tips on maintenance and preventive care to ensure you’re getting the most out of your case.


8. What is the best way to get the most out of my battery case?

A: Some helpful tips include: Fully charging the case by itself overnight before using the product for the first time, turning on the case only after the internal battery of the iPhone gets low and keeping the battery case out of extreme temperatures to minimize battery degradation. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most out of your battery case click here.


9. Has uNu designed their iPhone 4 battery cases, iPhone 3 battery cases or even iPhone 5 battery cases to allow charging and syncing through the case itself?

A: All uNu iPhone battery cases are designed to allowing charging and syncing through the case. Simply, plug one end of the included micro-USB cable to the phone case and the other to a computer USB port.


10. Does the DX affect the iPhone’s camera, phone signal or speakers?

A: The DX is designed to work with all the original features of the iPhone. In fact, the DX-3 comes equipped with a camera flash option to help users take photos in dimly lit places!


11. I need more help with my case!

A: If you do not see the answer you are looking for here. We also have a general FAQ section which might help answer your question, or you can go to our technical support page to ask a specific question.