Exera Duo Charging Dock

Never wait to recharge a battery again with the Duo Charging Dock for Samsung Note II.

Exera Duo Charging Dock

Never wait to recharge a battery again with the Duo Charging Dock for Samsung Note II. Named for its dual battery charging ports, the “Duo” allows users to place multiple batteries on a single charging hub. Simply, charge, swap and go! Never have downtime while the Note II is charging again. The “Duo” also comes with an integrated micro-USB port which means that in a single over-night charge, the Duo Charging Dock can restore a total of 300% power over three connected batteries! Plus, the uNu-versal design of the “Duo” allows users to charge any compatible battery using the Duo Charging Dock, including Samsung Galaxy I, II, III, and the original Note.

Real Cordless Charging

By using the two integrated battery ports users can connect and charge depleted batteries directly to the hub, eliminating the need for a phone-charging cable. Plus, swapping depleted batteries with fully-charged batteries from the hub allows for a constantly replenished source of battery power.

Dock, Charge, and Go!

Made to be completely portable, this hub can easily fit inside a briefcase, purse, backpack, or even a pocket, making it a perfect travel companion. Simply dock any included Samsung Galaxy Note II battery and/or small USB device, let it charge, and hit the road!

An All-In-One Hub

This comprehensive hub is equipped with two battery ports and an additional USB outlet allowing for up to three batteries to simultaneously connect. By charging multiple batteries at once, uNu has eliminated constantly having to swap charged and un-charged batteries.

300% Power Efficiency

Charge up to 3 batteries at once! Via the USB port and two Samsung Note II battery ports users can charge the Samsung Note II and two additional 3100mAh Samsung Galaxy Note II batteries. In a single charging session users have access to a possible 3 charged batteries (integrated Samsung battery, and two external batteries)

Multiple Platforms, Multiple Devices…No Problem!

The Duo Charger Dock facilitates batteries used by Samsung Galaxy SI, SII, SIII, Galaxy Note I and II and Exera batteries for iPhone 4/4S allowing several different users with multiple devices to be able to sync and charge from a single USB powered device.