How Do You Charge an iPhone 5

Many people are searching the Internet today for one specific piece of information. How do you charge an iPhone 5 beyond the traditional methods? Of course, the most common way to charge the iPhone 5 is to plug it into an outlet with a charging cable. Most iPhone 5 users will take this step every night, and they may leave it plugged in and charging for hours while they sleep. However, you may ask the same question many other people do every day, “How do you charge an iPhone 5 during the day when you’re away from a charging cable?”  

Cable-Less Options to Charge an iPhone 5

There are actually several different options to consider. For example, you may have seen those solar power pads that are designed to use solar power to recharge your phone. These, however, are intended for those who camp or otherwise spend time out in the sun for hours on end. You may be looking for a more practical solution that is suitable for your everyday life. At uNu, we offer phone cases that have a battery pack in them. They are simple and easy to use. The uNu models of charging cases can almost double the time you spend away from a charging cable. iPhone 5 Battery Case As you might imagine, you will need to charge your charging case at some point. Most people who use these cases will charge their phone case at night when they charge their phone. When they wake up, they will have a fully charged phone coupled with a fully charged case with an external battery supply. This means that they may start the day with several additional hours of battery life, and this additional battery life may be just what they need to get through the day without having to find a charging cable. If you have ever wondered, ‘how do you charge an iPhone 5 without a charging cable.’ The answer can be found with the excellent charging cases available through uNu. These cases are designed to provide you with the same benefits as a traditional case, such as protection and style, with the added benefit of extended battery life. Stop wondering and get your iPhone 5 Battery Case through uNu today.

How Do I Maximize My Battery Life?

It happened again didn’t it? You’re sitting there, surfing the web or listening to music and your cell-phone battery dies. While not as tragic as missing an important business meeting, the nuisance of having an integral part of your life suddenly become unresponsive can leave almost anyone with cell-phone withdrawal.

Low Battery Got You Down?

With so many different methods to prolong your battery life on the web, it’s hard to know what really works and what doesn’t. Luckily, we did all the hard work for you and came up with these proven tips to keep your cell-phone battery running like new. There are two sides to every coin and two sides to the battery-life dilemma. We will explore both to completely maximize your experience.   Side # 1: The Physics of a Battery Case   Battery Case Tip #1 Charge your battery to full capacity before you begin to use it. To truly get the most out of a new battery case it is important to let the case fully charge before use, this way the battery is “primed” and ready to begin charging. Using a new battery case that is not at full charge can reduce the overall lifetime of the battery case.   Battery Case Tip #2 Keep batteries away from high temperatures. Do not leave a phone in a hot car or out in the sun. The high heat degrades the battery and can even cause the battery to explode! While this may seem like a simple thing to do, it is amazing how many people actually do not follow this advice.   Battery Case Tip #3 Try to keep the battery from being kept in a completely discharged state. A battery natural self-discharges over time. By storing a battery at about 40% power will leave minimal chance that the battery will discharge to a-point-of-no-return where the battery life can never be salvaged to its original strength.   Battery Case Tip #4 Disable the battery case when the phone reaches a full charge. It is highly recommended to disable the battery case once the phone is fully charged because most phones including the iPhone use extra battery when charging. By disabling the battery case, the iPhone does not have to continually compensate for energy conversion and continue to over exert its own battery.   Battery Case Tip #5 Avoid “deep discharge” or letting the battery completely run out. We recommend users begin recharging the integrated phone battery with a battery case once the integrated battery is down to 20%. By continually letting the phone battery completely run out, the overall lifetime of the battery can be compromised.     Side # 2: The Phone’s Battery Usage   Phone Battery Saving Tip #1 Disable all those extra push notifications that you never use. Do you really need to update your stocks every 15 minutes? (We apologize to all the stock brokers) Unless you’re in the business, those constant updates are just taking away energy from your iPhone 5 battery.   Phone Battery Saving Tip #2 A recent study from the scientists of iLounge discovered that one way that the iPhone 5 and other smartphones lose battery is due to weak signal. Simply put, the phone has to work extra hard to communicate with older, slower networks, in turn, making the battery crank out more power. To alleviate this problem, when in an area that has a weak signal, switch to airplane mode in the phones settings, this function turns off all data transfers being done by the phone. Yes, that does mean you’re not receiving constant updates, but with a slow connection speed, who really wants to wait 5 minutes for a browser window to load?   Phone Battery Saving Tip #3 Reduce the brightness of your screen! This might be a bit obvious but it still has a huge effect on the overall lifetime of the battery. Frankly, most people don’t notice much of a difference with their screen brightness set slightly lower than their default preference and making this small change can add some serious minutes to your battery life. The brightness adjustment bar is located in the settings menu and is pictured as a sliding bar which can be moved left and right to adjust brightness.   Phone Battery Saving Tip #4 With all the media attention going around these days about social media programs slowly working their way into people’s private lives, it’s good to know that there are things you can do about your privacy, and as an extra bonus you receive extra battery life. Many social media apps employ an added feature which uses the “Location Services” software on the iPhone. For finding a lost iPhone or missing child, this software may prove to be invaluable, but do you really want Facebook or Twitter to know exactly where you are all of the time? The “Location Services” menu is located in the Settings Menu. We always advise taking a look into this menu every so often to make sure that all the new apps you have downloaded have not taken over your phone.   Phone Battery Saving Tip #5 Don’t want to deal with hassle of changing the settings of your phone? That’s ok too. For some people all those apps, updates, and services are what make a smartphone an essential part of everyday life. In this case, there is always the option of a battery case or power pack which can power you for an extended period of time. For anyone with a cell-phone that can use a battery case, make sure to remember these tips. The best part about having a smartphone is being able to use it! So the next time you see that battery life indicator going low, rest assured you have the science of uNu-ology on your side. Now that you’re educated on how to maximize your battery life, check out for the most reliable power options to help you extend your battery life. If you have any other questions about battery life Battery University is a website completely dedicated to using and maintaining batteries.