Why too much is Better

Why too much is Better candy Have you ever had anyone tell you that too much of something is a bad thing. You just went trick-or-treating and your bag is full of all the candy that you love and enjoy. You get home and dive into your bag, but your parents stop you after a few pieces saying “Not too much now, you’ll get sick.” What? Get sick from having too much of a good thing. You pretend to listen and sneak some more candy and then you realize later that too much candy is a bad thing. So now we have this problem, can you ever have too much of something and it be good for you? When it comes to uNu battery chargers, they give you too much juice in their batteries and it’s never a bad thing. You will never be without and that is a good thing, you keep getting more and more and it could seem you just might be overcome. You will be overcome, with joy, you will always have the juice you need in this battery to get you anywhere and be there when you need it most. There are times when you could have too much candy, pizza, and soda, but never battery juice. When you been out all night and have had too much fun, your phone will be full of juice to get you where you need to go. It will never let you down as others things might if you have too much of it. uNu is Full of Juice and always leaving you smiling and satisfied. So stop wondering if there is something out there that you can’t have too much of and pick up your uNu battery charger today. With all this juice spilling out everywhere you can go places and be happy along the way .

Full of Juice

Full of Juice It’s the morning; you can barely force yourself to roll up to a sitting position. Then you are there for the next five minutes. You finally stand and shuffle your way to the kitchen. You try to find something that can get you out of that morning stupor; you want to find just the right thing to get you going and keep you going throughout the day. We need a nice warm cup of Joe or maybe a glass of orange juice. When your phone needs a pick me up in the morning what does it crave? Well when your phone has the choice it likes to get its fix from uNu battery chargers, they’re Full of Juice. With your phone now full of juice it will always have the pick me up that also makes you happy. You never will have to worry about getting your regular fix of juice through the day by plugging in constantly. With uNu’s battery chargers you can finally unplug for the day because you have all the juice you need to survive. No more having to be glued to the desk, or wall near an outlet. You can keep you phone on you at all times through the day. No need to carry around extra cords to the office or in the car. No more worrying about saving your juice for later, game or surf now, with this juice you can have fun all day on your phone without worrying if you will have some juice later to send the text or make that phone you need. You can always be at ease in a tight spot or emergency because you know you are full of juice. It’s time to live a worry and stress free life with uNu’s battery chargers. It’s time to be Full of Juice.