What is Battery Stacking?

The uNu Unity Wireless Battery Cases uses an innovative method of “piggy-backing” an additional battery directly on to the original Samsung Galaxy S4 battery. This method not only reduces size and weight, but eliminates excess controls and virtually eliminates signal interference.

How Unity Battery Stacking Works:

Battery Stacking works by eliminating the need for a conventional battery case which can add significant size and weight. This is done by using a specialized chassis, which internally attaches a secondary 2600mAh battery directly on to the original S4 battery. The secondary battery is picked up by the internal processor of the Galaxy S4 and then added to the total internal battery capacity of the phone.

Why Unity Battery Stacking is Better:

Battery Stacking has several key benefits. By using battery stacking, additional weight and increased size of the phone is minimized since the additional battery is placed internally, not externally. Also, the addition of an extra internal battery allows the phone to measure the total capacity of BOTH batteries which allows users to visually see their power levels on the home screen. Plus, by using battery stacking, the Unity does not require any additional buttons or switches which can interfere with your mobile experience. Lastly, by streamlining the internal battery and back-plate, the Unity does not reduce signal strength

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