UNU Apple Watch Stand

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UNU Apple Watch Stand


Highlighted by its appealing design, the UNU Apple Watch Stand features an optimal 45º viewing angle while standing or sitting.


The Apple Stand features a nearly indestructable aluminum frame, and a tip-resistant base, providing a long-lasting experience for the Apple Watch.


Equipped with a hollow arm and a built-in cable groove, the stand allows the cable to seamlessly wrap within the stand, minimizing the view of unsightly cables.


The recessed charger compartment allows you to conceal the charging adapter beneath the Apple Watch hiding it from view.


1. What’s so special about the Apple Watch Stand?
A: The stand is made of great quality one piece medal, sets your Apple Watch at a 45 degree angle while charging, extremely easy for reading the contents on the screen.
2. Is a cable included?
A: No, the stand does not come with a charging cable, you need to use the cable came with your Apple Watch.
3. Is the Apple Watch Stand durable?
A: The stand is built with a one-piece metal to provide extraordinary durability. Advanced circuitry prevents overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.
4. What is the warranty for the Apple Watch Stand?
A: All uNu Electronics products are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty.
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